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Beginnings November 24, 2008

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Back in the late 90’s a group of like minded women came together for quilting & friendship. Since then we’ve met in many locations, members have come & gone, and we remain a group of women  dedicated to the preservation of  the quilting arts.  There are all kinds of quilters in our little group, art quilters, traditionalists who only quilt & piece by hand, those who prefer to use sewing machines for every part of quilting, painters, designers, beginners to advanced.

We have many activities including community service projects, an annual quilt show, raffles, classes, demos from other like minded quilters, trips, dinners (oh, the food. These women are very good cooks — its not a low-calorie group at all.) we have contests, challenges and just about anything we can do to expand our knowledge of the quilting arts.

Here are a few of our quFrom Our Quilt showilts.

Setting up

Setting up

More Quilts


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